whatsapp payment feature

Recently Whatsapp launched new payment feature in it’s new update. Now users are allowed to send and receive money through whatsapp. But now what’s app is testing this feature only with limited users around 2 crore. May be you are in list.

Steps to use WhatsApp Payment Feature

  1. Make sure you’re using latest version of whatsapp on your Android or iOS device. You should use whatsapp with same number which linked with your bank account.
  2. Next step is to add your bank account in whatsapp so you can receive and send money via whatsapp.
  3. To add your account you simply need to go through add a payment method in whatsapp and set your bank details.
  4. Make sure you follow on-screen prompts and you will find your bank account linked under payment method.
  5. Now you can send money- Easiest way to send money to anyone who is also using same method. Go to the chat of the person and select payment option under attachment and pay.
  6. Next, type the amount and a note (if required) and enter UPI pin and you’re done.
  7. You can also send the money if person is not using what’s app payment. You simply need to go payment option>>New Payment and enter their UPI id and rest is same.

Hope you like the new whatsapp payment feature. Right now this feature in on check only with limited users once it gets green flag everyone can use this feature.

By Yogesh Joshi

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